This section will allow you to choose the most suitable trader for your trading and investment purposes. Information about the ratings of traders is regularly updated. For your convenience, the main data for trading sessions of traders are summarized in a general table. You can look through this data on the personal page of the selected trader.

On the personal page of the trader there is a profitability graph. All indicators, both positive and negative, are displayed on the manager’s personal page. Detailed information displays the maximum drawdown on the account, the monthly profitability, as well as other important indicators.

Based on the submitted data, you can choose a trader or a group of traders whose characteristics and trading preferences will most closely correspond to your investment goals and trade preferences.

In order for you to take full advantage of the trading system, you must register and open an account with the GoldexFX broker. After that, you can act as an investor, invest in the most successful trader, and as a manager, raise additional funds for your trading account from investors.

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