A wave of terror swept across Spain

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Today, a large-scale anti-terrorist operation began in Spain. Early in the morning, in the resort town of Cambrils, which is located 120 kilometers south of Barcelona, ​​the police intercepted a group of suspects, consisting of five people. All five were killed on the spot by the police. Representatives of the authorities said that the explosive belts found on the body of the dead are counterfeit.

Under the wagon wheels killed 13 and injured more than 100 people

It all started on Thursday at 5 pm, when the white Fiat wagon drove at speed into a frightened crowd of locals and tourists strolling along the most famous street of Barcelona, ​​Las Ramblas. The car, according to eyewitnesses, moved very quickly and “zigzag” to hit as many people as possible. At least 13 people were killed and more than 100 were injured. The driver disappeared, abandoning the van at the crime scene.

A few hours later, the police shot a car driver at a checkpoint in Barcelona, ​​although it was stated that he was not responsible for the attack on Las Ramblas.

In the evening of August 16, in Alcanar, which is located south of Barcelona and Cambrils, as a result of an explosion in the house, one person was killed. Representatives of the law report that the incident is connected with the attack in Barcelona.

Response of the Spanish authorities to a terrorist act

Joaquim Forn, Minister of Internal Affairs of Catalonia, also confirmed that all three incidents are related. Three suspects have already been arrested. One of them is Moroccan, the second is a resident of the autonomous Spanish city of Melilla, located on the North African coast. The third man was arrested just a few hours ago in the city of Ripoll.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called the attack in Barcelona “terror of jihad.” In Spain, mourning is declared.

According to government officials, the victims of the terrorist attack are citizens of at least 24 countries. One of the 13 dead was a Belgian.

This is the largest terrorist attack in Spain in the last 13 years. In 2004, the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda organized explosions in Madrid commuter trains, which killed 192 and wounded thousands of people.

The wave of terror is expanding

In recent years, Europe has been the target of massive terrorist attacks, but Spain has still remained inviolable.

The attack in Barcelona has already become the sixth in the last 13 months, in the succession of attacks by Islamist terrorists who used a vehicle for massacres in European countries, including incidents in France, Germany, Britain and Sweden.