The required amount for trading on Forex

You can start working on Forex even if your capital is not big enough. Dealing company due to the presence of marginal trading can provide an additional bonus for further work.

What equipment will be required to work on Forex

The only thing you need is a computer, laptop or mobile with the access to Internet. You need to go to and download the trading program MetaTrader 4.0. All that’s left to do is to go to GoldexFX and start making money.

Transition from a demo account to a real one

First of all, you should change yourself from psychological standpoint, because trading with a real account significantly increases emotional stress. In every transaction, there is hidden doubt, anxiety, desire, enthusiasm – this definitely prevents us from thinking and looking at the situation correctly. But we cannot advise you to remain on the demo account for a long time. The ability of analysis is dulled and further trading on a real account will be quite a challenge. In a few weeks or even months of trading on a demo account you certainly cannot become a professional. So its worth it to open a real account. For personal confidence you can and even need to trade on two accounts simultaneously, this will allow you to make transactions on a demo account and copy the most successful deals to the real account. This solution will help you to achieve maximum success and earn good money. If you have a real account, the motivation to learn strategies and to develop will grow significantly. Over time, experience and professionalism will come to you, a contrast of losses and achievements will lead to an increase in income. Didn’t everyone who enters the financial market aspired to this?

Currencies for trading on Forex

There are all major currencies on the Forex market:
US dollar (USD);
Euro (EUR);
British Pound Sterling (GBP);
Japanese Yen (JPY);
Swiss franc (CHF);
Australian Dollar (AUD);
New Zealand Dollar (NZD);
The Canadian dollar (CAD);
Swedish krona (SEK);
Norwegian Krone (NOK);
Danish krone (DKK);
South African Rand (ZAR)

Possibility of forecasting

There are conditions, observing which, you can predict the price change
– To forebode the behavior of the market is only possible in the moment when the price movement becomes obvious
– An experienced trader knows that working with long-term forecasts is dangerous. Who knows what will happen in a week or a month? Perhaps there will be news that will shock the market. A competent investor looks only 2 steps ahead and determines the price movement with the help of actual data
– To learn the direction of movement in a certain period of time, you need to know on what you should focus your attention on.

Forex Risks

A huge number of beginner traders enter the market without knowledge and experience and flop, after that they are completely disappointed and give up such a profitable business. First you need to be patient, then follow all the rules of money management. Each of the transactions must be thought over. Random trade will lead to losses. To avoid this, it is necessary to put stop-losses (automatic protective orders). If a trader is not ready to take this seriously, the probability of losing capital is almost 100%. Such experience leads to rumors that it is impossible to earn money on Forex.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

It is easy enough to make through any bank using a Visa or a MasterCard, or a credit card. Also, there are systems as Webmoney or Moneybookers, and the usual payment terminals.
Your earnings

Each case is individual and there is no single answer. To check yourself and your willingness to work, open a training account without your cash investments.

Open a trading accountOpen a trading account
Trading CFD carries a high risk